Why October 20th is an Essential Day for Marketers in Indianapolis and Austin

Most years, October 20 doesn’t get much attention. With all due respect to the Louisiana Purchase (1803) and the introduction of cork-centered baseballs (1910), it’s one of those weird days where nothing very significant has ever happened.

But for marketers in Indianapolis and Austin, October 20, 2015 promises to change all of that when Salesforce Essentials for Marketing Cloud comes to town! 

Salesforce Essentials for Marketing Cloud is a free, half-day event that provides attendees with a special opportunity to learn about digital marketing trends, network with peers and industry luminaries, and gain insights into how Salesforce helps businesses of all types achieve business goals. Regardless of the size of your organization or the customers you serve, you’ll leave with practical tips and valuable insights that are sure to impact your strategy.

Discover How to Connect 1-to-1 with Consumers

The intimate event will kick-off in each city with a look into how the era of the connected consumer is making marketing more competitive and challenging than ever. Digital-marketing experts Adam Brown (Austin) and Joel Book (Indianapolis) will provide insights on integrated digital and social marketing strategies and share tips on how companies large and small are harnessing technology to connect to their customers in whole new ways. You’ll see best-in-class examples of effective digital marketing that will inspire you to "rethink and rewire" your strategies for acquiring, serving and retaining customers.

Experience The Dawn of the Digital Marketer

In a special keynote presentation, you’ll discover why today’s customers are engaging with the brands they love on digital channels like never before, and how new technologies are empowering marketers to be there for them each step of the way. Salesforce executives will share their perspectives on what’s driving the The Dawn of the Digital Marketer, and provide an inside look at how companies like Mattel and Room and Board are cultivating 1-to-1 customer experiences across email, mobile, social media, ads, the Web, and more.

Gain First-hand Insights from Marketing Peers

The event will include the opportunity to engage with a customer panel, where local marketers will describe the challenges and rewards of implementing their digital marketing strategies. It’s a great chance to make new acquaintances, ask questions, and learn how today’s marketing innovators are using digital to acquire customers faster, produce higher revenues and create powerful advocates.

Make October 20 a Day to Remember

Don’t let October 20 go down as the day the first fully mechanized post-office opened (1960). Make it special and register today for Salesforce Essentials for Marketing Cloud!

Austin Marketers, Register Here

Indianapolis Marketers, Register Here

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