What’s Your Identity? Using Single Sign-On to Improve Employee Experience at Salesforce

It’s Thursday.

You are sitting in an airport waiting to fly home after a series of successful meetings. Before you board, you need to order some schwag for a new customer, log a few expenses, send out some kudos to your sales engineer for an awesome client demo, and maybe quickly tweak a slide deck for next week’s meeting.

So you fire up your tablet and head to the company store. Coffee still hasn’t kicked in, so you enter your password incorrectly. Another sip and another try at entering your password correctly. Done.

Now on to the expense system, where you enter a different username and a different password. (You aren’t reusing passwords between apps, are you?)

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Let’s face it. The supposedly simple act of logging in, isn’t so simple when you’ve got more than one thing to do. And in today’s world, we all have probably more than a dozen sites, applications, and systems we have to log in to, to do our jobs and delight our customers.

This is true for everyone, even us here at Salesforce. A simple way that we’ve made employees’ lives easier and improved our security posture is by rolling out Salesforce Identity. It’s a single sign-on where you log in to one system and then get access to everything you need to make your workday better. But that’s just part of what Salesforce Identity can do. From a pure value standpoint, the ROI generated from Salesforce Identity is tangible, substantial, and easily quantified.

The Salesforce IT Department realized a huge cost avoidance by switching to our Identity solution vs. a legacy set of products, which were difficult to support and maintain.

Aloha: A single place for Salesforce employees to access all apps

One of the core benefits we identified is time saved for the user. We estimate that on average, using Salesforce Identity saves thousands of dollars in cost savings per user. This time reduction is directly correlated with a reduction in the number of total application logins per day per user. With the additional "time back in their day," employees can instead focus on important business tasks, such as follow-ups with actions with customers.

There is also a significant reduction in password reset specific help desk calls, as well as the reduction on dedicated system support and hardware maintenance cost, which translates to tangible cost savings for IT that scales with user volume even further beyond the productivity savings scenario.

Beyond the cost-savings, the use of Salesforce Identity also cuts down on password re-use and helps us ensure that when an employee leaves, their access is also revoked from a single point. Using Single Sign On with Multi-factor Authentications --- having Salesforce Identity --- greatly enhances our ability to prevent major events such as an intrusion and data breach.

So what is your organization’s identity?

Watch this demo video to see Salesforce Identity in action: Watch now >>

If you're attending Dreamforce, check out our session to learn more about Salesforce Identity and see a demo of the product live!

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