What Service Professionals Learned at Dreamforce

At Dreamforce ‘15, service professionals were inspired by Salesforce’s vision for customer service in this new era - one where connected products and devices make us more connected than ever before. In this hyper-connected world, customers are basing purchase decisions on experience, rather than price or product. Customers now expect service experiences that make it easy for them to access information faster and get in-context support everywhere. This has created an environment where entire industries are being disrupted by companies that have adopted a service-first mentality. So, why check out a Service Cloud demo right now? Because customer service is your opportunity to differentiate from competitors.

Check out some great service focused content from Dreamforce ‘15 below:

Start with the Basics

Service Cloud Keynote: A New Era of Service for the Connected World

Customer service is evolving as customers are increasingly connected to each other, to their devices, and to more products than ever before. Join Service Cloud SVP & GM, Mike Milburn, and guests to learn how organizations of all sizes and across all industries are using Service Cloud and Desk.com to deliver in-context service everywhere, supercharge agent productivity, and provide smarter support in today's hyper-connected world. Watch to learn how to create and execute a vision for customer service to meet and exceed the needs of your customers.

Learn from the Experts

Expert Panel: Things I Wish I Knew When Implementing Knowledge

Hear from a panel of experts about important lessons learned on key topics, including data migration strategies, understanding reporting requirements, what to customize versus when to use standard configuration, workflow approval processes, training best practices, and most importantly, how to maximize adoption once you are live.

Exec Panel: Bringing Sales & Service Together to Reshape Customer Experience

For decades, companies have taken leadership of their markets by creating a continuously great experience for their customers across the buying/selling process, and in service and support. Hear from three executive leaders as they discuss how their companies are blurring the org chart line between Sales and Service, in order to drive business success.

See How It’s Done

Thought Leader: Keeping Your Customers Happy in Today's Connected World

The world of the customer has changed. A new generation of customers, alongside connected devices, apps and products, are driving a massive reset of your customer's expectations, and every company is under the gun as a result. Hear customer guru Esteban Kolsky share steps you can take to stay ahead on innovation — and succeed in a disruption-normal world.

Customer Spotlight: 10 Step Journey from On-Premise to Salesforce

You need a customer service solution that's built for agility and speed, and Siebel is difficult to innovate. You need a path to extend or replace it. Learn about best practices, and get a 10-step retirement roadmap for a successful transition. Hear from Salesforce Services and Intuit and learn the truth about managing a transition.

ICMI: Maximizing the Frontline Agent Performance & Productivity

Today's contact center agent is struggling to achieve peak performance, productivity, and positive results due to a combination of legacy systems, antiquated metrics, channel inundation, and heightened customer expectations and power. In this session ICMI's Justin Robbins shares ICMI's recent study, to discover the real state of today's contact center agent and what future steps must be taken to ensure that our organization's most critical asset is setup for success.

Does your organization have the tools to deliver fast, intelligent, and personalized customer service in the connected world? Inspired by the great Dreamforce content? Get the opportunity to learn how Service Cloud, the world’s #1 customer service and support platform, can supercharge agent productivity and elevate the connected customer experience. Across all industries. In every market. Globally. Now is the time reimagine the customer experience and turn your support organization into a disruptive force that can drive profitability, and check out a demo today.

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