What Marketing Professionals Learned at Dreamforce

Learn what’s new, what’s next, and what’s happening now in the world of marketing at Dreamforce. The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. At Dreamforce, marketers got ahead of the game with some of our top sessions, designed to help make the most of your marketing. Get inspired and get an overview of Marketing Cloud!

Start with the Basics

Marketing Cloud Keynote: Dawn of the Digital Marketer

The sun is rising on the future of marketing. Customers are engaging brands they love on digital channels like never before, and new technology is further enabling ways for companies to impress customers every day. The dawn of the digital marketer is upon us — a new era of communication and connectivity. Join Marketing Cloud CEO Scott McCorkle to hear how customers like McDonald’s, Precor, Mattel, Room and Board, and AT&T are cultivating 1-to-1 customer experiences across Sales, Service, Community, Analytics, Platforms, Apps, and the Internet of things. The first 1,000 keynote attendees will receive a Marketing Cloud hoodie, but everyone will begin their journey to the future.

How Smart Brands Use Digital Marketing to Acquire, Engage, & Retain

Today's consumers are hyper-connected, better informed, and more empowered than ever. And they expect brands to deliver personalized offers, information, and service at every stage of the customer life cycle. To acquire and retain the new consumer, customer-centric brands are rapidly replacing ineffective, fragmented, one-size-fits-all mass advertising campaigns with data-driven, one-to-one communications that are tailored to the needs, interests, and location of the consumer. As a result, these companies are converting more shoppers to buyers, producing higher revenues, and improving customer retention. Join us as Joel Book of Salesforce Marketing Cloud discusses the major trends that are driving the convergence of marketing, sales, and customer service, and shares examples of companies using 1:1 omni-channel digital marketing strategies powered by Email, Mobile, Social Media, and Web Personalization to acquire, onboard, and retain customers.

Hit the Ground Running

Man & Machine: Digital Marketing in the Age of Robots

The droids are here! But what does that mean for brands, marketers and customers? Join acclaimed author of The Second Machine Age, Andrew McAfee, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud's VP of Data & Analytics, Leslie Fine, as they discuss the significance of automation and how it empowers the next generation of marketers.

Crawl, Walk, Run: Methods for Email Program Success

Despite our best efforts, building and evolving an email marketing program can be a difficult task. Whether you are just starting to build your email marketing program or you are trying to evolve your program to be best in class, we have success stories at every stage. Join us for a panel discussion where you will hear from leading retail companies about the steps they took to build and evolve their email marketing programs and how they overcame challenges along the way.

Put it all Together

Email Marketing Holiday Calendar: A Retailer's Guide to Holiday Email

Retailers know the holiday season begins long before the first holiday decorations appear in stores. Join us for your complete guide to email holiday marketing, from five months before Christmas to Black Friday, to New Year's Day. Hear from Brett Billick, VP of Channel & Growth at RetailMeNot, on the top email marketing strategies that help RetailMeNot send 4+ billion emails every year. Learn how RetailMeNot sparks and retains subscriber attention and, of course, encourages subscribers to redeem millions of coupons during the busiest email season of the year. Heike Young, Global Content Lead at Salesforce and creator of Salesforce's 2015 Email Marketing Holiday Calendar, will share email best practices, holiday marketing statistics, and common messaging themes to keep your emails opened and subscribers highly engaged for the entire holiday season.

Inspired? Ready to learn more about Marketing Cloud? Learn more and get an overview of how Marketing Cloud can elevate your digital marketing!

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