What Admins Learned at Dreamforce

Admins are at the heart of Salesforce, and they surely were at the heart of Dreamforce. The best thing about Dreamforce is that it lives on year round, and you can take advantage of all the great content at any time! Check out some of our top sessions from Dreamforce for admins, get inspired, and learn about getting Salesforce certified to take your career to the next level.

Start with the Basics

Salesforce Admin Keynote

Salesforce admins are the people who bring innovation to life. Fighting inefficiency, spreading innovation, and championing productivity wherever they can, Salesforce Admins are the humble heroes who connect their companies to their customers in entirely new ways. Learn how to deliver innovation and data driven business decisions at your company with Salesforce. Join Parker Harris, Salesforce co-founder, Shawna Wolverton, VP Product, and Sarah Franklin, Head of Admin Marketing, in a celebration of our Salesforce admins.

Choose Your Destiny: Building Your Awesome Admin Career

Unsure how to build your Admin career? It's easier than you think! Join us as we talk about your career path and certification options, how to set and measure your career goals, and build your personal brand. Become an #AwesomeAdmin!

Hit the Ground Running

How to Be an Even More Successful Solo Admin

Last year, we hosted a "safe place" for all the solo admins...and it was awesome! Join us this year as we crank the volume to 11 and get even deeper into all the amazing things solo admins should know, and what they can do to help their org(s) grow!

How Salesforce Administers Salesforce

What does the Salesforce Admin at Salesforce do to be productive? How do they manage all of the user requests and stay on top of features to manage over 16,000 users successfully? Join us to hear from Jordan Mangini, Salesforce Admin at Salesforce, about how he helps Salesforce be successful with Salesforce!

Put it all Together

Strategies for Training End-Users

Join us to learn how to train end-users. You'll learn how to organize your agenda and content, teach Salesforce fundamentals versus role-specific business processes, train logistics such as class size and environment, find the right mix of presentation and hands-on exercises, plus other tips to ensure you deliver engaging and effective end-user training.

Salesforce Wave: Basics to Dashboards

Get your board shorts ready because it's time to ride the Wave! In this session we'll cover the basics of creating a dashboard in Salesforce Wave using a basic data set and a lens. After this session, you will feel confident building Wave dashboards to transform your business.


Inspired? Ready to learn more about being a Salesforce administrator? Learn more about getting certified and get ready for an awesome career!

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