"Turning Sales Managers into Sales Leaders" A New Salesforce E-Book

SalesLeaders-Launch-Post-03Finding effective sales leadership is a notorious pain point in many organizations. Sales managers are tasked with managing and improving the sales activities of entire teams, in addition to their own responsibilities such as forecasting, reporting, and development. With so much on their plates, it can be a challenge for sales managers to become true sales leaders.

But sales leaders can be an indispensable asset to a sales team and organization as a whole. They are transparent, accessible, and incredibly effective. They handle the work of a dozen average sales people, all while continuously coaching, and improving their teams. This is a Herculean task, but can be accomplished with the right technology in hand.

What the E-Book is About

We've created the e-book Turn Sales Managers into Sales Leaders: With the Right Technology to shed light on what makes a truly exceptional sales leader and how the right sales technology like Salesforce can help leaders take their teams to the next level. Available today!


The Structure of the E-Book

This e-book covers how the right CRM technology like Salesforce can help develop sales leaders by making existing sales managers:

More transparent
The sales cycle tends to be incredibly murky in many organizations. This obstacle can make a sales leader’s job especially difficult. However, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce can lend an extreme degree of visibility to areas that have long been a mystery. This can help make sales leaders better informed, better equipped, and better at their jobs.

More accessible
The best teams are headed by leaders, not bosses. What’s the difference, you might ask? A boss is the corner-office-loving type of manager. He or she prefers to stay uninvolved, delegate wherever possible, and issue updates and information from on high. A leader is quite the opposite. A leader is out in front, right on the front lines with his or her team.

More effective
The line between mere sales managers and great sales leaders is simple: effectiveness. They understand the big picture and present a cogent vision for their teams, and most of all, they are constantly improving their teams and pushing for perfection. Fortunately, CRM solutions like Salesforce can be a secret weapon for sales leaders, amplifying their impact and supercharging their effectiveness.


Get the E-book

Download Turn Sales Managers into Sales Leaders today! Arming your sales managers with Salesforce can mean the difference between an average sales performance and an industry-leading one. Find out more today!

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