The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce: 15 Ways to Do Dreamforce Like a Pro

Whether this is your first Dreamforce or your tenth, you’re in for an incredible week this September. You’ll learn about technology and innovation during transformative keynotes. You’ll attend breakout sessions specifically tailored to your business needs and industry. And most of all, you’ll leave inspired to approach your work — and life — in a whole new way.

Dreamforce is an unforgettable time, and you’ll get even more out of your experience if you take a few tips from the pros. So we created The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce, an incredibly handy e-book chock-full of our San Francisco and Dreamforce knowledge.

The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce helps you stress less about seeing everything and enjoy every moment more. You can get it now for free. Here’s a preview of 15 top tips from the complete guide. Bonus: For the perfect audio complement to this guide, start playing our Dreamforce Spotify playlist as you read!

  1. Pack lightly. In the backpack or messenger bag you take to the Dreamforce campus, make sure you have chargers, a backup smartphone battery, and walking shoes. Leave room for swag. Those free t-shirts can take up more space than you’d think, plus you’ll appreciate a lighter bag around 9 p.m.
  2. Download your schedule. Save your itinerary from the Dreamforce app as a PDF and print it, just in case your phone battery dies or you don’t want to drain it by frequently referring to your schedule.
  3. Stay flexible. Your week will go extra-smoothly if you keep a relaxed, flexible mindset. (Struggle with that? There’s a Mindfulness keynote on Friday!) Have backup plans ready if a session you’d like to attend is full or you can’t make it in time. In general, pad your schedule with extra time to arrive at your destinations — there’s a lot of foot and car traffic in San Francisco during Dreamforce.
  4. Prioritize big keynotes. Don’t miss the big ones: Marc Benioff’s Wednesday keynote, the product keynote for the Salesforce products you use and are interested in, and all other big-name keynotes that pique your interest. Try to arrive 30–45 minutes early for these to secure a great spot. If you’re late, you can catch keynotes in the Dreamforce Plaza on big screens, or online at Salesforce Live.
  5. Learn about the latest technologies in the Cloud Expo. Dreamforce hosts the world’s largest cloud ecosystem in a single location. If you’re looking to see the most dynamic, game-changing technologies that will power the customer relationships of tomorrow, head to the Cloud Expo and see what our partners are cooking up.
  6. Get to know San Francisco. You’re going to spend a lot of time in this city. Study a map and familiarize yourself with where Moscone Center and your hotel are (and how to get from one to the other). You may also want to do some Yelp searches for intriguing restaurants and coffee shops near where you’re staying.
  7. Choose a sightseeing excursion or two. If you have a few hours of extra time to explore outside the Dreamforce campus, visit one of these excellent sightseeing spots in beautiful San Francisco: Chinatown (don’t forget to see the Sing Chong Building), Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks (visit at night for an extraordinary view of the city), or Crissy Field.
  8. Eat and drink like a local. See the Ultimate Guide for our full list of dining picks, but be sure to check out a Philz Coffee or one of San Francisco’s many other delicious local coffeehouses to keep you happily caffeinated. And don’t miss the chance to experience a local taquería.
  9. Take notes wisely. You can watch videos of major keynotes after Dreamforce, so you can skip taking notes on those. For sessions you want to remember and share with your team immediately, use an iPad app like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. Remember that session slides are typically available after Dreamforce, so there’s no need to photograph them unless you want to tweet them.
  10. Be socially active. There’s a lot going on at Dreamforce, and it’s all perfect content to tweet, post on Instagram, and share on your other social networks of choice. Follow @salesforce and @dreamforce and share your experiences using #DF15. This is a great way to find new people to follow (who just might follow you back). And download How to Maximize Social Media Before, During, & After Dreamforce for even more tips.
  11. Know your modes of transportation. You have a plethora of ways to get around the city: free Dreamforce shuttles, transportation apps (Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft), cabs, public transportation, and pedicabs. Shuttle buses will be provided between Dreamforce hotels and campus venues, and a campus shuttle will service major conference locations during the event. You can also share rides with coworkers.
  12. Don’t miss Thursday’s Dreamfest. The big concert is a highlight of Dreamforce. Even if you’re a little tired, we recommend that every Dreamforce attendee checks it out. Pro tip: arrange to meet up with friends and coworkers outside the Dreamfest and walk in together, as it can be tricky to find people in the crowds.
  13. Pick the right transportation. You have so many options for how you’ll navigate the city from early-morning meeting to late-night happy hour. You could rent a bike, ride a cable car, hail an app-based ride, take BART or Muni, get a taxi, walk, and beyond. Consult the full e-book for more tips on transportation.
  14. Send thank-yous. After Dreamforce, send a nice thank-you (either in the mail or a thoughtful email) to people who made time to meet with you, speakers who particularly inspired you, and your boss for giving you the budget and time away from the office to attend Dreamforce!
  15. Follow up on social. Take a look at everyone who followed you on social media during Dreamforce, and follow back those who share your interests. Now’s also the time to follow up on any sales leads you made at Dreamforce. Send LinkedIn requests to anyone whom you got to know well.

Are you visualizing the San Francisco fog yet? The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce includes even more Dreamforce tips for every stage of planning your trip, such as advice for a few weeks out, the night before, or even during Dreamforce. Get the e-book now, and register for Dreamforce.

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