The Summer ’15 Release Admin Quick Wins Guide

Check out the new Admin Quick Wins Guide to learn about Summer ‘15 features that are quick and easy to turn on. With over 225 new features in the Summer ’15 release, it can be tough as an Admin to know what features to focus on and which features can be quick wins.

The Summer ’15 Admin Quick Wins Guide is a brand new guide that highlights 7 features that are quick and easy to turn on. Also, it provides direct links to Release Notes, so Admins can simply access the information they need to get started. Start enjoying the benefits of the Summer ‘15 release, faster.

Also, check out this Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release Podcasts that showcases the Admin Quick Wins Guide, other helpful Summer ‘15 release assets, and some fun insider stories about Salesforce releases.

To get the latest release information, answers to your questions, and interactive product discussions – all in one place, join our Release Readiness Community. Be sure to also visit to learn when the Summer ’15 release will go live on your instance of Salesforce.




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