The New Marketing Podcast from Salesforce is Here: Introducing the Marketing Cloudcast

The Marketing Cloudcast is a new marketing and business podcast from Salesforce. The first three episodes of the Marketing Cloudcast are available now on iTunes!

What It’s All About

Every podcast episode features an interview with a marketing leader on real-world marketing challenges and solutions.

We interview marketers from every role (including the C-suite, email, social, content, and mobile marketing) and from all industries: nonprofit, retail, B2B, and beyond. No matter your marketing expertise, you’ll hear new takeaways and tactics that you can actually use.

In the First Three Episodes

Three marketers shared their knowledge for our inaugural three episodes:

  • Katie Bisbee, CMO of

  • Chad White, Research Director at Litmus

  • Adrienne Weissman, CMO of G2 Crowd

Katie Bisbee talked about the personalization campaign that ended up becoming their best-performing ever, all based on a single piece of customer information. Bonus: you probably already have this data. She also shared a fresh take on mentorship for marketers.


In an email-focused episode, Chad White explained why he thinks email marketing sometimes gets the short end of the stick when it comes to budget and prioritization — and how you can fix it. He also talks about the current state of mobile email and how to get started with new email design tactics.


Adrienne Weissman breaks down the way her small but mighty marketing team gets huge results. G2 Crowd is still a relatively small (but fast-growing) company, but as the TripAdvisor of B2B software, their services make a huge impact on both customers and brands. This episode takes you behind the curtain on how G2 Crowd’s marketing team prioritizes and does it all.


Get It Now

Subscribe on iTunes for automatic delivery of the latest marketing trends and tactics, right to your headphones. This is the best way to get every new episode as soon as it’s released.

You can also listen on SoundCloud and check out the Marketing Cloudcast website.

The podcast is hosted by me (Heike Young) and Joel Book from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Have a question about a marketing channel you just can’t crack? Want to suggest a perfect guest for the show or a valuable new interview question? Tweet me (@youngheike) or Joel (@joelbook).

Stay tuned to Medium for weekly episode recaps and highlights. A new episode is coming your way next week.

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