The Future of Intelligent Selling: a New Salesforce e-book

Selling has moved beyond a sales pitch and a handshake. CRM technology and selling itself has become increasingly data-driven and intelligent. Yet, recent research shows that eight out of 10 sales reps are falling short of being prepared, feeling in control, and creating value. Missing data is slowing down their search for prospects, and many reps report productivity as their biggest challenge.

But what if your sales team could overcome these challenges? Every day innovative technology is being built to enable more intelligent prospecting, lead management, territory alignment and more. Businesses need to think about their customer data differently. Instead of storing it away, companies are leveraging it to help sales. By employing intelligent sales tactics, sales reps can deliver personalized one-to-one experiences, work smarter, and ensure that their customers are successful. The future of intelligent selling starts here.

What the E-book is About

At Dreamforce ‘15, Salesforce unveiled killer new capabilities that will better arm sales teams and turn intelligent selling into your competitive advantage. This e-book will share how businesses can meet and exceed buyer expectations using data-driven tools and tactics. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn:

Sales Today
We’ve entered a new era in business world, and in order to keep up, businesses must provide salespeople with the right intelligence to move the sales process forward. Today’s sales teams have the power to harness data to help them understand their customers in a whole new way.

Intelligent Selling
CRM is evolving and Salesforce and are evolving with it to help bring our customers to the future with intelligent selling.

Discover the Best Opportunities
A large part of a sale’s reps primary responsibilities is making sure they’re filling their sales pipeline with leads and opportunities. The new Company Hierarchy feature in delivers a complete, visual, interactive tool within Salesforce to explore relationships and entities that make up a corporate family.  

Prioritize Your Prospects
In a perfect world, every lead that comes your way is a rewarding opportunity, but that’s not often the case.’s new Recommended Accounts feature delivers smart searches based on algorithms to find more accounts that look like previous wins, helping reps make better use of their time in prioritizing accounts.

Understand Your Customers
Customers expect that sales reps have taken the time to know their industry, company and the problems they face. The challenge is getting to know the market without spending valuable time doing research.’s Prospecting Insights feature helps sales better understand their customer’s business, giving them access to business background, the latest industry trends, and competitive landscape.

Get the E-book

Download our free e-book to find out how the rise of data is driving sales. Click the button below to read The Future of Intelligent Selling.

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