The 02 Release Is Now Live in the Marketing Cloud

As we jump in to Salesforce Marketing Cloud's second release of the new year, we are excited to announce the unveiling of a new product, more exciting features, and talk about how we are getting back to our strength in email marketing with Predictive Decisions. 

We are giving our customers all the power they need to make better business decisions like never before. We are now putting more actionable data right in the hands of our customers. 

02 Release Top Ten Feature List: 

  1. Active Audiences is now GA — Marketers can now more effectively reach their email subscribers with 1:1 targeted advertising. This product allows marketers to leverage their own data in order to target their customers on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more here.
  2. Predictive Content Blocks in Content Builder — Marketers will now have access to two new Predictive Intelligence content blocks that will give them the ability to create cart abandon or page abandon emails, as well as easily configure product or content recommendations based on user behavior. Learn more here.
  3. Social Studio Analyze — The new Analyze feature allows marketers to measure social impact by listening to their audiences and quickly create dashboards for business users, marketers, and community managers. Learn more about the Social Studio Analyze launch here.
  4. Social Studio Enhanced Publish, Engage, and Administration — These features allow marketers to easily access new content sources with Premier Apps and save time with Publish Macros.
  5. Journey Builder’s New Flow View — Journey Builder’s new default Flow View has made it easier than ever for marketers to view interaction triggers, inline populations, and goal metrics. Learn more here.
  6. New Testing in Journey Builder — Marketers can now test interactions with full production data logic in triggers and activities without having to worry about sending messages to customers or waiting long periods of time. Learn more here.
  7. Predictive Intelligence Streaming Updates — Streaming Updates enable marketers who don’t maintain a physical file of assets or want to leverage their CMS to build and update a list in real-time, either through our Web Observation Beacon or now, via secure API key. Learn more.
  8. Audience Builder Advanced Drill Tree Search — This feature allows the everyday marketer to quickly find a specific search term across their entire library of customer dimensions and navigate directly to that item, reducing the time it takes to filter, segment, and publish an audience. Learn more here.
  9. Dynamic Preheader in Content Builder — This feature allows marketers to create dynamic preheaders and subject lines in Content Builder. Learn more here.
  10. Customization Capabilities for U.S. Shared Codes — This MobileConnect feature allows marketers to brand HELP and STOP messages. Marketers can now customize these two message types with a reference to their brand. Learn more.

We are excited to take Email, Predictive Intelligence, and Marketing Cloud to the next level with this release. Please read the release notes for more details about these exciting new additions to the customer journey! 


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