Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brings Complete CRM to Digital Advertising Channels

As consumers shift their attention to an ever-growing number of digital devices and destinations, they demand a personalized experience at every turn. To keep up, brands are bolstering their digital advertising budgets to reach these always-connected customers. However, these investments are often disconnected from the rest of marketing, and executed without a clear view of where a customer is in their journey with the brand.

That is why today we are excited to announce five new partners to extend Active Audiences, our solution for connecting CRM into digital advertising. We’ve partnered with some of the best ad-tech companies in the market — Krux, Liveramp, LiveIntent, Neustar and Viant — and through these partners we can help marketers to advertise across the entire display advertising ecosystem, using a single view of their customer.

These partners will enable our clients to leverage any of the primary advertising networks and technology platforms they already use to support their customer journeys with connected advertising.

Now, of course, the view of their customer is different at Salesforce.

Marketers will be able to use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to leverage their marketing touchpoints with their customers, but also their sales and service interactions as well, allowing them to tailor and trigger true one-to-one advertising, based on a complete view of the customer.

Adding these new partners to our already seamless integrations with Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Tailored Audiences allow marketers to have access to a broad array of platforms and an incredibly broad array of ad destinations.

In addition to using this technology to find their existing customers, marketers can also leverage lookalike modeling to find new customers that look like their best ones. And with Journey Builder, they can now orchestrate advertising alongside their mobile, web and email activity.

All of this together allows our clients to create truly relevant and personalized advertising experiences, that put the right message in front of the right customer at the right time.

Here is an overview of how it works

It’s an approach that has already proven successful for some our most innovative customers:

  • Outrigger Hotels and Resorts beat their cost per acquisition goal by 89% by targeting a segment of past guests of two key properties, who had recently interacted with email.
  • Cedar Fair Entertainment, one of the largest amusement-park operators in the world, increased ROI by 3X compared to their past performance benchmarks, by reaching previous guests with a season-pass offer, and creating lookalikes to acquire new customers.
  • In a study executed with Facebook and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a leading online retailer combined email and Facebook advertising to reach77% more of their audience than email alone. And they found that email openers reached with advertising were 22% more likely to purchase than those who weren’t.

The connected customer expects that you will know them, across all their interactions with you.

A complete CRM allows you to bring all those interactions together in a way that exceeds these expectations. We’re incredibly proud that with Salesforce, this now includes your digital advertising.

To learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud advertising solutions, download the study showing how Marketing Cloud email plus Facebook advertising increased reach by 77% and connected with people 22% more likely to purchase. Or, schedule a demo today.

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