Learn How TripIt Optimizes Facebook Ads Based On Real Business Results

At Salesforce, we are thrilled to work with top marketers and advertisers to reach their business goals, and to recognize their success.  One way we do that is our annual Surfboard awards, given to 12 of our top customers for their digital marketing success and innovations.

This year, TripIt by Concur won The Megaphone Award, an award is given to the brand with the most innovative ad program, amplifying marketing efforts and driving conversions and revenue. TripIt is the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, with over 11 million users, and was acquired by Concur in 2011, the leading provider of expense management solutions and services.

We want to bring you more details about what they have done, so you can emulate their success. TripIt evaluates its advertising results based on app installs and also specific in-app events that correspond to successful engagement with the travelers they acquired through these ads. Key business metrics for mobile ads include cost per registered user along other quality metrics specific to the value proposal of the product.

Therefore, TripIt can focus not on the cost per install (which is higher than average, because it’s a productivity app, not a mobile game), but how many people registered for the TripIt service after downloading the app.

Within the first quarter of working with Social.com, TripIt’s Facebook campaigns saw:

  • App Signups increase by 482%

  • Cost Per Action (CPA) decreased by 49%

  • Conversion Rate increased by 445%

You can learn more about TripIt’s story, including how Patricia Vidal, User Acquisition Specialist at TripIt said “Social.com enabled us to unleash the full potential of social advertising by driving long-term value for the business and the scale to deliver meaningful results.” and Jessica Bari, User Acquisition Manager said “Working with Social.com has allowed us to test and learn at a much quicker pace than before. We’ve developed a great partnership that’s founded in open, ongoing communication, and the value of that is evident in the results,” in our new case study.

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