It’s a New IdeaExchange Record! 1 Million Points Delivered Since Dreamforce ’14

Here at Salesforce, we love the opportunity to celebrate our customers, partners and developers — especially when they inspire our product innovation. The Salesforce IdeaExchange makes that possible by providing a community-driven innovation hub where community members can suggest and vote on product enhancements they’d like to see us develop.

In short, the IdeaExchange empowers our customers to positively influence our product roadmap and participate in our culture of innovation. With our Winter ’16 release, we’ll hit an exciting milestone: 1 million total Idea points delivered* since Dreamforce ’14. It’s a true testament to our unwavering commitment to customer success and collaboration via the IdeaExchange and the Salesforce Success Community, which enable our product teams to engage directly with customers and listen to their product needs.

So what are Idea points? The popularity of an Idea — measured through points — helps us understand which Ideas are most important to customers. Every vote equals 10 points, and while customers can vote on an unlimited number of Ideas, they can only vote once on one particular Idea.

By empowering our customers to vote on and share their Ideas, we’re able to strengthen our commitment to customer success. Feedback is an invaluable piece of how Salesforce continues to innovate.

We know there are MANY ideas on our IdeaExchange that have not yet made it onto our product roadmap. But never fear! We are working hard to pick off as many ideas as we can by working closely with our product leaders and their teams. We are committed to you, our passionate community, and we ask that you have patience with us as we prioritize all these great ideas!

Here are some of the big highlights:


Winter ’15

One of the biggest Ideas included in this release was the advanced search feature, which allows you to search from multiple fields.


Spring ’15

In Spring ’15 we set a new record for Idea points delivered, with 382,000 points in this release alone! One of the highlights was Duplicate Alerts and Blocking, which provides the capabilities to maintain clean and accurate data across your Salesforce org.  

Summer ‘15

In our most recent release, we delivered the ability to edit a Chatter post after it was published — a huge win for anyone who uses Chatter to collaborate, like we do here at Salesforce!


Winter ‘16

Stay tuned for some BIG announcements in the upcoming release. Here’s a hint: it’s our biggest Ideas release ever (the most points in a single release — yes, we’ve topped ourselves already), and includes two of our top ten most popular Ideas.


*Delivered includes ideas that were either fully delivered, partially delivered or in pilot/beta status.

Want to learn more? Check out this blog post or visit the IdeaExchange.

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