How to Drive Sales with Friendly Competition and Recognition: App Mavericks

Shutterstock_56110372Sales reps are similar to professional athletes in that they love to compete, they love to win, and they crave recognition. The challenge companies often face is: how do you tap into that psychology to motivate salespeople to perform the right actions that lead to success? Hoopla has figured this out.

In the latest App Mavericks video, I spoke with Hoopla Founder and CEO Mike Smalls about his company’s innovative approach to inspiring salespeople. How? Hoopla helps companies successfully tap into the competitive psychology of salespeople and foster a play-to-win culture. While sales reps love to compete and win, they don’t love entering some of the key activity metrics that lead to success. Hoopla turns these humdrum activities into challenges and competitions that can be displayed publicly in a professional, eye-catching manner across mobile devices, TV screens, and the Web, easily recognizing the efforts of your sales teams in real time.

Your own TV channel is just a few clicks away

  • Focus on increasing actions and behaviors that lead to success; get information out of salespeople’s heads and into measurable, actionable reports

  • Eye-catching display of sales metrics in newscast format include constant updates and screen changes of relevant numbers to inform and update the entire company

  • Video and music streaming to customize and enliven “broadcasts” means never a dull moment

  • Custom channels that pull live data from Salesforce so your teams know where they stand


Quick Takes

  • As a system admin, I can use my standard and custom Salesforce objects to project key metrics on company leaderboards.

  • As a manager, I can easily create competitions to keep my team motivated and excited.

  • As a sales rep, I am a rockstar and can challenge my colleagues to my own friendly challenges.

Behind the Scenes

Hoopla works with most editions of Salesforce (Enterprise,, Performance) and integrates with to present an all-around view of key sales metrics along the road to great sales results.

Learn More

Check out the Hoopla listing on the AppExchange.

 Angela Mahoney is a Salesforce MVP.  


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