How Manufacturers Can Better Enable Modern Sales Teams: A New Salesforce E-Book

Manufacturing-Launch-Post-03Manufacturing is experiencing a customer-focused revolution. On the global side, this means innovation activity is being ramped up by manufacturers in an effort to develop and produce more sophisticated offerings than smaller rivals. High-margin growth is the ultimate end game.

In addition, manufacturers are working to build a closer, seamless, and collaborative relationship with customers. Demand for real-time sales information has never been higher, as is the need for a hyper-responsive global supply chain. If this transformation is going to happen, actionable insights and data for decision making is necessary. 

What the E-Book Is About

Unfortunately, most companies are too disconnected to keep up and give today's customers what they want. How Manufacturers Can Better Enable Modern Sales Teams examines the challenges as to why this is, plus offers solid solutions around the technology manufacturers should adopt to both differentiate and help their front-line sales teams compete in this new landscape.


The Structure of the E-Book

Chapter 1: The Common Challenges

This chapter takes a look at a couple of key challenges being shared across the manufacturing industry, including margin pressure and lack of skilled talent. Closer to home, manufacturers are often without a 360-degree customer view, inaccurate sales and demand forecasting, and limited channel visibility.

Chapter 2: The Sales Landscape

Manufacturers typically use one of four go-to-market sales processes: direct sales, manufacturer’s rep, distributor, and a dealer or retailer. Due to increased global competition and margin pressure, each could benefit from: additional revenue, clean data, demand forecasting, and collaboration tools.

Chapter 3: The Innovation Solutions

Technology now exists so companies no longer have to be held back by the old ways of doing things. Manufacturers can adopt innovative solutions to replace outdated systems and successfully equip their sales teams to better serve customer needs and compete in the current landscape. This chapter details a number of these solutions.

Chapter 4: The Sales Benefit

Once the old, outdated process and systems are out and the new are in place, manufacturers can expect numerous benefits on the sales side and beyond. In fact, companies that adopt cloud technology to coordinate and collaborate with their sales teams, and across their organizations, enjoy a big advantage as a result. Read this chapter to learn what these advantages are.

Get the E-Book

You can now download How Manufacturers Can Better Enable Modern Sales Teams for solid solutions around the cloud technology manufacturers should adopt to connect everything and help their front-line sales teams compete in this new landscape. The winners will be the ones that take advantage of these revolutions and help turn their companies into truly customer-centric and connected manufacturing enterprises.


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