FutureForce: The Internship

For most Salesforce Interns, Day One was accompanied with a nervous and restless breath. But for a rising senior at Michigan State, my Day One began on a three-day road trip to San Francisco. It took me places I wouldn’t have normally explored like the barren plains of mid-west Iowa/Nebraska, the cold mountains of Colorado/Utah, and even to a quick stop into Las Vegas. By the time I had arrived at Salesforce for my first day, I was ready to go. I was shown to my desk, introduced around the office, and when the five o’clock bell rang, I wandered home relieved to have made it.

But on the second day, I mostly sat at my desk and surfed the web while waiting for someone to bring me a job I could tackle or problem I could solve. That is when I learned how truly busy and wild this company was. There were so many projects flying around at one time that I thought, perhaps this place was too big for an intern as inexperienced as me? As I sat and waited, no work came my way.

Then a new thought occurred to me: Maybe Salesforce was waiting for me to make my own mark? I had an upcoming meeting with John Zissimos, Chief Creative Officer, and I wanted to make the most of this opportunity. Prior to the meeting I drafted up a few different project ideas I felt I could properly handle this summer. John’s favorite was an intern film—something to capture the thoughts and emotions of the Salesforce intern.     

And I was off.

Similar to my expedition to San Francisco, this film sent me places I wouldn’t have normally explored—acting as a producer, director, cinematographer, and editor—and that is where the true beauty of the Salesforce internship lies. You have to find where you fit. And once you’re there, it’s hard. You’re forced to adapt and grow. You have to leave what’s safe and challenge yourself to find out what you’re made of.  You journey into the unknown and see what you can do and learn from what you can’t.  You fail and then you succeed. You prove yourself and your talents— and more work follows. By the end of your journey, you’re that much better for it.

So for those of you searching for an internship, there is only one question you have to ask yourself in regards to Salesforce: Do you want something challenging? Or do you want something easy?



Want to learn more about how you can find a #dreamjob here at Salesforce? Check out our careers page!

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