Engaging With Customers Through Mobile Technology

With mobile technology becoming increasingly popular for modern business, it can be difficult for companies to leverage its advantages effectively. Most companies that have been operating without mobile technology probably arent even sure where to begin. Case in point, our company had a client who worked in the wine industry and had large brand recognition but was not utilizing new forms of technology to enhance their outreach and pull in new subscribers.

We first helped to identify the problem by asking the question, are you leveraging mobile technology to your advantage? It seemed like a simple question, but the reality of the situation was that they were not. This company is in an industry that hasnt had a need for new marketing strategies and technology before, but the landscape is quickly changing. Through working with this particular wine company we found the following questions were important for companies to ask themselves in order to ascertain the means to utilize mobile technology better.

Is your content mobile friendly?

This may seem like a fairly simple solution but if your emails, web pages, advertisements and any other graphics arent mobile friendly you are cutting off your organic traffic.

Are you really listening to your customer?

Marketing research begins with finding out what customers think about your brand. However, a lot of companies have trouble reaching out to their customer base. It is imperative to engage with your brands fan base on a social level through social media, mobile apps and online surveys in order to grow brand awareness and improve internal market research.

Are you giving subscribers the option of social sign on?

While this idea is still new it is catching on very quickly. Consumers don't want to set up multiple accounts and remember yet another password. Social sign on is a way that will increase subscribers and help your business foster a more personal relationship with your individual customers.

At the end of the campaign, the changes that the winery made were neither costly, nor time consuming, but the company saw an ROI immediately after implementation. It is important to stay up to date with new technologies for your business and to continue to build a dedicated subscriber base. Companies that fall behind will be left behind in todays fast paced market. The good news is there are simple solutions available that can be used to help your customers engage with your brand better and stay up to date.  

About the Author

Josh Pierry is the founder and CEO of Pierry Software, a digital marketing solutions company. Pierry Software is a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Community in the Channel Partner Programs.





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