Check Out the Winter ’16 Release Preview

Check out the Winter ‘16 Release Preview to see how we have reimagined the Salesforce experience. With over 150 new and improved features in the Winter ‘16 release, you can now create 1-to-1 customer experiences, sell smarter, and go faster than ever before. Get ready for a new kind of customer success with new features like:

  • Sales Wave Analytics App -  Analytics Cloud

  • The Lightning Experience -  Sales Cloud

  • Omni-Channel Service - Service Cloud

  • Lightning Experience for Custom Objects - Salesforce Platform

  • Next Generation Journey Builder - Marketing Cloud

  • Next Generation Community Builder -  Community Cloud

The Winter ‘16 Release Preview highlights the top features in the Winter ‘16 release. It provides helpful descriptions, screenshots, and direct links to the Release Notes for each feature. Lastly, the Winter ‘16 Release Preview provides helpful links to the Release Videos and the Release Site.

To learn more about the Winter ‘16 release, visit

Also, to get the latest release information, answers to your questions, and interactive product discussions – all in one place, join our Release Readiness Community. Be sure to also visit to learn when the Winter ‘16 release will go live on your instance of Salesforce.

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