Best in Class Technographics Now Available in Salesforce

Whether you’re creating segments for a demand generation campaign, looking for white space opportunities, feeding your predictive analytics engine, or implementing an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, you need reliable information on the technology installed at target companies to achieve the best results.

Technographics Now on the AppExchange

Today, we’re excited to announce a new data partner on the AppExchange as part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with innovative data you can use within the Salesforce platform. HG Data, a leading provider of competitive intelligence for B2B technology marketers, delivers valuable technographic data that can be automatically matched and added to the account records in your CRM.

This new data package, accessible through the HG Connect app on the AppExchange, allows you to integrate HG Data technographics into your Salesforce instance with clicks instead of code. That means you can now get quick access to the hardware and software products your accounts and prospects are using without having to invest in custom-built integrations, manipulate flat files, or settle for working in data silos.  

Target the Right Accounts with Technographics

An effective approach to finding the most relevant accounts for your sales and marketing teams to pursue is to use third-party tech install data to identify companies that use products that complement or compete with your solutions. In fact, in its recent survey, SiriusDecisions found that 62% of respondents are now using some combination of custom and non-custom third-party account and contact profiling.

Brian Vass, the VP of Sales and Marketing Technology at Paycor, had this to say about his company’s use of tech install information from HG Data: “We struggled for years to find high quality data for installed technologies within our prospect base. HG Data not only provides us with great data, but they make it easy for our sellers to consume within It’s the most popular data initiative we’ve launched ever.”

With HG Connect, you can easily access tech install data, enabling you to precisely target new prospects or existing accounts with the right message at scale.

How Do I Get It?

Information on HG Connect from HG Data is available on the Salesforce AppExchange here. HG Connect can be added to Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud, Professional Edition and above. HG Connect is built using the same platform capabilities that power Sales Cloud features like Geocoding and new Clean rules.

Announcing Social Studio and YouTube Measurement Program Launch

With YouTube viewers worldwide now watching over a billion hours of video content every day, marketers are more focused than ever on making sure their digital video strategy is on point. This means not just publishing content, but also engaging with viewers and learning from feedback and analytics to understand what resonates and what doesn't.

YouTube is a core network for Social Studio, Salesforce's social product offering, and has long been a part of how enterprises derive insights from broader social conversations. In Social Studio, customers are able to upload videos and manage content directly from the Salesforce platform, monitor conversations on YouTube, and measure post impact and viewer engagement. In Social Studio's recent spring release, we also added YouTube Engage support, which gives community managers the ability to engage with comments right from Social Studio. This functionality is currently in the works for service agents as well, and will enable them to respond to comments and handle cases that come in through YouTube in a seamless, customer-centric way.

Brands like KLM Royal Dutch Airline have used Social Studio and YouTube to power their surprise and delight campaign, by surprising customers with personalized gifts at the airport based on their social profile and persona. This allowed them to connect with their customers and further position themselves as an industry leader in social marketing and service.

Today, we're excited to build on our existing partnership and announce that Salesforce has been selected and certified as a launch partner for the YouTube Measurement Program. We've worked closely with YouTube to audit our platform and metrics to ensure that Social Studio provides YouTube marketers with the highest quality experience possible across publishing, engagement, analytics, and customer care. We are excited to partner with YouTube to provide this additional layer of transparency around enterprise marketing performance and analytics.

By bringing together Salesforce, the world's smartest customer success platform, and YouTube, the world's #1 video platform, brands will benefit from the most accurate and consistent customer and digital video data, enabling them to garner more informed insights and strengthen customer relationships.

How Salesforce IoT Cloud and AWS IoT Are Building an End-To-End Customer Experience with Connected Devices

As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves from buzzword to best practice, businesses are looking harder than ever at how to generate value from the trillions of events generated by connected devices. Since Salesforce IoT Cloud began its partnership with AWS IoT to build end-to-end solutions, we've been laser focused on finding new ways to combine device data with customer data in Salesforce - empowering businesses to create meaningful customer experiences based on real-time activity across connected devices.

Today, we're happy to share details on the next step of that strategic partnership: Salesforce customers can now seamlessly connect all of their AWS IoT enabled devices directly to Salesforce using the Salesforce IoT Cloud.

What does that mean exactly? Salesforce IoT Cloud has added support for Amazon's Signature Version 4 (SigV4) authentication process/protocol used to make requests to Amazon Web Services, allowing Salesforce IoT Cloud to manage connections to AWS APIs, primarily focusing on the AWS IoT service (Device Gateway, Device Registry and Device Shadows). This integration is resulting from the AWS and Salesforce strategic alliance, through which the companies will deliver five service integrations designed to simplify and expand how customers capture, analyze and take action on their data.

How does it work? Salesforce IoT Cloud combines all relevant streaming device data from AWS IoT's managed cloud platform with customer context data found in CRM, allowing businesses to create meaningful customer experiences based on real-time activity across all their connected devices.

Below are a few examples of how this might work in the real world:

  • Utility companies that maintain millions of IoT enabled thermostats across the globe can use AWS IoT to ingest and manage the data generated by those thermostats, visualize that that data in IoT Cloud, and then action that data in Service Cloud to proactively service those thermostats for their customers
  • Robotics manufactures can wrap each of their connected robots with proactive services, transforming themselves from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) into a Service Company, unlocking new revenue opportunities for their business
  • Waste Management companies can now increase the operational efficiency of businesses by connecting each of their receptacles and trucks together to determine the best routes to follow using AWS IoT, IoT Cloud, and Analytics Cloud Einstein

For more information about how to connect AWS IoT to Salesforce IoT Cloud click here

Get More Value out of the Sales Process with Partner Solutions

After 5+ years of experience with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software, I’ve learned that sales automation tools are only as good as the partner ecosystem they build around themselves. My CPQ background began in customer success, where it became obvious how important partners are when it comes to creating outstanding end results for customers.

There are two types of partners to consider in terms of how they add value beyond what any one software vendor can provide.

System integrator partners (SIs) specialize in implementations and initiate success efforts. As consultants, their relationships with clients have high levels of communication, understanding, and support.

Independent software vendor partners (ISVs) build and sell their own on-platform applications to integrate with and expand upon the functionality of existing tools. They help meet unique business requirements, beginning where a product ends. The beauty of ISV partners is that products integrate seamlessly with one another when they leverage standard platform functionality.

These partnerships build cohesive end-to-end solutions and maintainable implementations to help ensure long-term success for our customers.

Why partners?

Software companies need to tailor their offerings to ensure customers are getting the most out of their solutions in terms of flexibility and scalability. In order to do that correctly, it’s important to have partners engaged. When outside vendors are going beyond out of the box functionality, filling the gaps and creating long term solutions for customers, companies can focus on perfecting their core products.

As a customer, it’s better in the long term for any additional functionality and feature enhancements or developments that you want to be owned by companies, not developers. Ideally, you won’t require a lot of extra tweaks to the process automation tools that you use, especially with so many ISV partners working to extend existing products further than ever before—but it’s still reassuring to know that SI partners will be able to build any necessary custom solutions where there isn’t a productized answer.

At SteelBrick (now known as Salesforce Quote-to-Cash), we conceived a partnership role with a customer success lense: caring for partners the way we care for our customers. We knew that if our partners were successful, then our customers would be successful, and our company would be successful. Just like customer relationship management (CRM) software, Quote-to-Cash (QTC) software is not only a solution for sales automation, but also a platform that other applications can build upon to solve business problems.

SI Partners

We want our primary focus to be on the software we provide, but we know how essential professional services are to the implementation, maintenance, and management of that software. Scaling a services team properly takes a lot of focus away from product development. That’s why we partner with system integrators to bring our customers from purchase through go live and beyond. It’s important for software vendors to have their own professional services resources, but it’s even better if they supplement with an extension of specialists who have deep expertise in particular customer segments and verticals.

SIs bridge the gap between the limited services resources of a software company and the limited product experience of a customer. They learn the tools and business use cases so they can use their knowledge and point of view to help customers realize the full capabilities of the software they purchase, with the unique ability to drill into specific domains. Many of our partners are consultants that specialize in our products specifically, so they grow alongside us and are as invested in our customers as we are.

SI partners also offer customizable services, so customers can opt in or out of more training and engagement. They fill the role of an expert that lives between the product itself and the individual implementation. They also help decipher and deliver what the customer needs—all with a personal touch alongside their deep expertise.

Since most Quote-to-Cash customers are already Salesforce customers, oftentimes they will already have an SI partner that they’ve worked with in the past who has an intimate knowledge of their business: how they run their sales cycle, how they built out other Salesforce products, and what existing customizations they might have. These partners often have an edge to appropriately diagnose a QTC gap and tailor an implementation to work for that particular customer, due to such long term familiarity.

ISV Partners

ISV partners work on building out unique repeatable use cases in the form of managed software packages, extending deep into requirements for unique customer sales processes. Salesforce Quote-to-Cash came from a Salesforce ISV partner known as SteelBrick; these relationships are important to Salesforce and to us because it’s where we came from. We want to open up opportunities for greater and fuller solutions so we can bring our customers complete business transformations.

Quote-to-Cash is just the beginning of a better sales cycle. There is so much more out there that we can bring to our customers as a layered platform offering, be it contract or commission management, or cost and price manipulation and optimization. All of these areas play an important role in what Quote-to-Cash does, but they aren’t where our focus lies. By taking niche areas of what we touch and expanding to fit what’s important to our customers, our ISV partners help us provide more nuanced solutions beyond our core competencies—while still providing the reliability of a managed software package with teams of developers, success managers and support agents ensuring success.

The Salesforce Strategy

We build a lot of our own processes with our partners in mind. We provide every possible aspect of training and documentation to our partners for easy consumption so they can be external experts and better service each individual customer need. We focus on having the right systems in place to help our partners, so we never have someone engaged with a customer who is less than capable. Our partners are truly an extension of our team, and our success depends on them.

In order to build an open platform and host more than what you have in place, you need that wide ecosystem of experts to take what you create and find new ways to expand on it to deliver on the most  unique use cases. This is especially important with Quote-to-Cash, since every business sells a little bit differently.

A healthy partner community is not just helpful to customers, but also to the product. Partners inform our processes and expose places that need more attention. They help us put the right amount of focus on different product use cases and they shine a light on what we can’t see internally. External expertise built up over time means that we always have a trusted source of feedback, with thousands of people helping us to become a better product and a better company.

By leveraging partners, we are able to continually improve ourselves and our product together with our customers. As customers, you get to benefit from this expanded ecosystem where Salesforce and our partners both want and need to be successful together. Tap into the full power of Salesforce and Quote-to-Cash by taking advantage of our partner ecosystem!

Learn how you can Build Your Business with the Power of CPQ today.

The Ground is Shifting Beneath Contact Centers

As cloud technology continues to disrupt businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide, the contact center communications market remains a bit behind. This is a typical trend that has been historically seen in this space. Of the 14.5 million call centers around the world, over 90 percent are still powered by premises-based technologies (CMSWire). As customers increasingly seek service in a growing number of digital channels — including video, social, messaging apps, and chat — not all traditional solutions have the agility to keep up because they’ve been optimized for voice interactions.

Now, I will note that not all prem solutions are created equal and they all have different investment profiles. With that said, the future of customer engagement is conversational service, meaning service that is frictionless, instant, and highly relevant, rather than the reactive nature of most service interactions. As customers engage in a mobile-first, digital world, businesses powered by cloud-based solutions are better equipped to meet, if not exceed, their customer’s expectations. It’s time for a major shift in the contact center landscape — customers are demanding it.

Traditionally the premise based technology that powers contact centers around the world can be summarized on the following three categories:

  • Unified Communications & Routing: Systems delivering voice, chat, video and mobility
  • Workforce Optimization: Solutions to deliver quality assurance, scheduling and feedback
  • Servicing Apps: Businesses rely on CRM, ERP, or homegrown solutions to manage customer relationships

Previously, these three premise-based technology categories meant that contact center leaders relied on a host of disparate vendor solutions to weave together an integrated contact center platform for their companies — resulting in a disconnected customer journeys, administrative headaches, costly annual maintenance and inflexibility in bringing new service channels to their customers. Customers want to serve themselves and, when needed, expect to engage with a single face of the company, and not have to navigate departments to get things done. Agents want access to a single screen for customer information and meet customers on their channel of preference on that same screen.

I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have spent a good portion of my career in call centers. You’d be amazed at the number of high-end brands who use antiquated systems — such as retailers that sell luxury items and yet, when a customer calls in with an issue, the agent has to navigate multiple green screens to get to the bottom of the issue. Managers need integrated reporting and IT staff need predictability and compatibility in managing a single customer service platform, instead of a host of disparate systems to manage. It’s no wonder that turnover in customer service department staffs is so high.  

Enter Salesforce and Cisco. Recently the two companies announced a strategic alliance to jointly develop a complete customer service solution, from communications infrastructure, digital channels and an integrated, intelligent agent desktop experience that takes the complexity out of managing the customer experience. This partnership brings the kind of disruptive, cloud-based technology to the contact center that allow companies to connect with their customer in the mobile first era of customer engagement, while reducing operational overhead and IT costs. Agents will now have a single desktop bringing together all voice and digital channels and providing a true conversational journey for customers as they change channels throughout an engagement. Analyst Sheila McGee Smith wrote about power of this partnership in her post, “Cisco, Salesforce Kick It Up in the Contact Center.”

When it comes to delivering superior customer experiences, the first step is to start by empowering service agents to become service trailblazers. Organizations that provide excellent experiences that build loyal customer bases have one thing in common: They know service agents are the most important part of delivering the kind of customer experience that people talk (and tweet) about. Learn more about creating customers for life by empowering agents with the right tools; download the free e-book, 10 Steps to Empowering Customer Service Agents.

A New Way to Get B2B Buying Research Data in Salesforce

Companies need the ability to incorporate trusted data sources directly into their CRM to help users better target the right prospects, sell smarter, and create personalized, 1-to-1 customer experiences. To date, it has been hard to find, license, and integrate additional data sources that help you truly get to know your customers better. That’s why we’re working to make adding data sources in Salesforce faster and easier.

B2B Research Data Now on the AppExchange

Today, we’re excited to announce a new data partner on the AppExchange as a part of innovative data integration features built into the Salesforce platform. Bombora, a leading provider of B2B intent data, delivers valuable buying signals that can be automatically matched and added to the account records in your CRM.

This new data package takes advantage of enhancements to the Salesforce platform that allow for integration of data sources into the customer’s org with clicks, not code. The combination of these enhancements and vendors’ data packages will allow customers to create more intelligent processes, built on better, more targeted data—improving CRM user adoption and ROI. Instead of having to invest in custom-built integrations, wrangle data manually from flat files, or settle for working with data in silos, customers can now use the power of Salesforce to gain deeper insights from their data while making it actionable for users across the organization.

Surf the Waves of Intent Data

B2B buying teams often rely on third party content -- whitepapers, webinars, articles, case studies and more -- to make their purchasing decisions. In fact, according to a study by the CMO Council and Netline Corporation, 88% of B2B buyers, influencers and researchers believe that online content has played a major to moderate role in their vendor selection. Recognizing this, Bombora monitors data from thousands of premium B2B publishers across over 2,800 topics. They’re able to recognize when accounts are showing what they call “surges” in research behavior on specific topics. With this data, sales and marketing have a strong indicator of purchase intent to help them personalize content, improve effectiveness of targeted campaigns, prioritize prospecting, and much more.

How Do I Get It?

Information on the new data package from Bombora is available on the Salesforce AppExchange here. The Bombora data package can be added to Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud, Professional Edition and above. The data package is built using the same platform capabilities that power Sales Cloud features like Geocoding and new Clean rules.

Reach the Summit of Expertise with the All-New Salesforce Architect Journey

So you want to be a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect? You’re a ninja in governance and know how to design high-performing technical solutions? A master in all things Salesforce Platform, and want to show off your expertise? We have a new Architect Journey for you.

It’s no secret that our Certified Technical Architects (CTAs) have supercharged their careers by holding one of the top and most lucrative technology credentials. Not to mention, they provide tremendous value to our customers by giving sound and strategic guidance for successful go-lives.

And since we are passionate about building out our community of Architects, we want to make it easier for you to join the club. At Dreamforce, we announced that all the training resources are now available for FREE! That’s right! Everything that used to be in the Architect Academy catalog is now yours to browse through, practice, and learn to your heart’s content.

OK, where do I start, you might ask? Let’s take a look at the new Architect Journey. This new framework lets you take two different paths before you reach the top: You can first become an Application Architect or a System Architect. Each of these two new domains have their own distinct paths, giving you the flexibility to move forward in a way that works best for you.

Let’s explore it, step-by-step, starting from the beginning. Your journey should always include Trailhead, the self-guided and fun way to learn Salesforce. There are so many excellent trails for both Developers and Admins, discussing every aspect of our Platform. Make sure to check those out. Next, we recommend that you become Salesforce Administrator Certified (which you don't have to do as a requirement for the CTA and Domain Architect, but we highly recommend it, as it’ll give you great foundational knowledge.) Now you’re ready to start your stepping-stone path towards three levels of Architect Credentials:

Domain Designer -- Become a Specialist

With six new specialized Domain Designer exams, you can now become industry-recognized for your specific area of expertise. Whether it's Sharing and Visibility, or Identity and Access that pique your interest, there's a specialist credential for you. And when you combine your specialization with the Platform Developer I and Platform App Builder certifications, you can then start to navigate towards the new Domain Architect level.

Domain Architect -- Be the Expert

Prove you have extensive and deep architecture knowledge in Salesforce Application or System Architecture. Not only will this validate your full scope of expertise, but it will also drive your career growth. And best of all, there’s no additional exam – after you earn all the certifications in the relevant tier, you will automatically achieve a Domain Architect credential.

Technical Architect -- Reach the Summit

If your ultimate goal is to become one of the Salesforce elite and join the exclusive few who can boast CTA status, this new journey will help you on your way. Once you have achieved both Domain Architect certifications (and if you have also taken action on our strong recommendation to get both your Community Cloud Consultant and Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer certs), you'll be more qualified and prepared than ever to present at the CTA review board exam.

Not only are each of these three levels better defined, but they are also more attainable. You now have your journey mapped out: unlimited access to the trails in Trailhead, as well a full library of self-directed training guides (eBooks), curated under the guidance of our CTA community so you can learn directly from the real experts. Content includes reference materials, videos, technical documentation, and specific build case scenarios that help you practice. Each eBook guide is aligned to a specific certification on the Architect Journey. And did we mention these guides are now FREE?

If you are still reading this and didn't try to jump straight to a “Learn More” link as soon as you saw the words FREE guides, check out our detailed Architect Journey Overview and the individual Architect Certifications now available to you. And if you're just too excited and want to get started now, here are all the Architect eBooks.

Happy trails, you Architect hopefuls...we look forward to following your progress to the Summit!

Announcing The 2016 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award Winners

Each year at Dreamforce, we celebrate the successes of our partner ecosystem with the Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards. These awards recognize the incredible work performed by our Consulting Partners and App Innovation Partners, and their dedication to delivering customer success. Our partners are an integral part of bringing Salesforce innovation to life and, as demonstrated by the award submissions, this past year was exceptional!

For 2016, we expanded the innovation awards to include our App Innovation Partners  to showcase the breadth and depth of our partners’ cutting-edge solutions and highlight examples of our connected ecosystem. I am pleased to announce the following 2016 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winners:

Innovative Solutions by Consulting Partners

  • Innovation in Service: Accenture with customer Coca-Cola

  • Innovation in Media: Accenture with customer RCS Media Group

  • Innovation in Nonprofit: Appirio with customer Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Innovation in Communications: Bluewolf with customer T-Mobile

  • Innovation in Analytics: Capgemini with customer Jetstar

  • Innovation in Sales: Cognizant Technology Solutions with customer Allergan

  • Innovation in the Connected Partner Ecosystem: CRM Science with customer AAMCO

  • Innovation in Marketing: DEG with customer Hallmark Baby

  • Innovation in Financial Services: Deloitte Digital with customer American Express

  • Innovation in Public Sector: makepositive with customer East Sussex Highways

  • Innovation in Healthcare & Life Sciences: Perficient with customer NextGen Healthcare

  • Innovation in Manufacturing: PwC with customer Lennar

  • Innovation in Community: PwC with customer Lenovo

  • Innovation in Retail: PwC with customer Sam’s Club

  • Innovation in App Cloud: Wave6 with customer Kelly Services

  • Innovation in the Connected Partner Ecosystem: Wipro with customer Phillips

Innovative Solutions by App Innovation Partners

  • Innovation in Healthcare & Life Sciences: Apttus with customer IMS Health

  • Innovation in Community: CloudCraze with customer Adidas

  • Innovation in Service: Glance Networks with customer Intuit

  • Innovation in Sales: with customer General Electric

  • Innovation in Retail: OSF Commerce with customer PREDATOR NUTRITION

  • Innovation in Manufacturing: Propel with customer AMS Technologies

  • Innovation in Nonprofit: roundCorner with customer International Rescue Committee

  • Innovation in App Cloud: Sage Software, Inc. with customer Medtexter

  • Innovation in Communications & Media: Vlocity with customer Sky Italia

Congratulations to all of our 2016 Partner Innovation Awards Winners for their achievements. I also want to applaud our entire partner community for their commitment to helping companies embrace innovation and successfully transform the way they run their businesses.  It is truly inspiring to see all of the innovation and customer success being driven by our ecosystem.These customer successes show that the Salesforce partner ecosystem continues to play a crucial role in trailblazing for our customers. Thank you.

Partners + Dreamforce ’16 = Awesome

What's one of the best ways to take advantage of our partner ecosystem at Dreamforce? Come see the world’s largest cloud ecosystem with hundreds of partners showcasing thousands of solutions. The Cloud Expos are the best way to get the most out of Salesforce products and solutions. See live demos and meet face to face with more than 400 cloud-computing companies. Check out some of our top partners, and learn how you can get to know them at Dreamforce!


Apttus, the category defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, is excited to engage with our customers and partners at #DF16.  We are known for going BIG at Dreamforce, but we hope to exceed expectations this year. Apttus is a Titanium sponsor, as well as the official sponsor of the Welcome Reception, Dreamforce Lunches, AppBash and the West Hall DJ booth. We’ll feature our Quote-to-Cash solutions in booth #915, E-Commerce solution in booth #309 and our X-Author solution in #308.  You’ll also see us in the Lodge, the Partner Lodge, DevZone, Admin Meadow, and Lightning Lookout .

We’ll be showcasing Max, one of the only Intelligent Agents for Quote-to-Cash. For those that visit our booth for a demo, schedule a meeting with us, or attend one of our sessions, we’ll be giving away a trip around the world ($25,000 value) live during our Super Session “Intelligent Quote-to-Cash: The Outcome-Based Approach To Transforming Your Business.”

We’ve put a luggage tag in every Dreamforce 16’ conference bag, be sure to display those on your backpacks for a chance to win prizes. Learn more at Happy Dreamforce!

Bio: Maria Pergolino

Maria is SVP of Global Marketing at Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider.  There she is responsible for go-to-market and sales development activities at Apttus.  She has been to over 10 Dreamforce events and was one of the first 500 Salesforce Certified Admins, still holding this designation.


Cutting Beyond the Clouds to Choose the Right Sales and Marketing Solution Everyone wants to drive better results from their sales and marketing organizations. And everyone wants to drive a Porsche. By talking to CallidusCloud at Dreamforce® 2016, you could satisfy both desires in a single visit! After three straight years of decline in average quota attainment in the industry, it's time to shake things up. Hear from three business leaders who are overcoming the trend, driving their teams to profitable growth, and turning customers into fans along the way. You will hear how to use incentives to drive winning selling behavior, equip your team with the answers to the tough questions in the field, and take a customer-centric approach to your tech stack. They’ll share secrets for making great technology decisions for sales and marketing that gives your teams powerful, connected tools that effortlessly share data and actively promote alignment between sales/marketing, leading directly to more dollars in the pipeline, bigger deals, better win rates and larger margins. See our session 3 Ways to Make Your Sales Teams Great Again, and learn to drive better results. Then stop by Booth #1215 for a chance to win a Porsche*!

Author Bio: CallidusCloud’s Director of Content Marketing, Chris Bucholtz, writes a column for CRM Buyer and has covered 10 consecutive Dreamforce conferences.

Seeking Future Renegades: Deloitte Digital at Dreamforce 2016

Deloitte Digital is heading back to Dreamforce once again as an Emerald Sponsor!  We are embracing the spirit of the Future Renegade – and seeking others to join us as we reignite the spark of imagination, curiosity and wonder for what tomorrow brings.

This year, it’s time to stand out from the status quo—from convention. To surround yourself with ideas, people, and partners who share a common vision for you, your business, and your ambitions. It’s time to be a renegade. Come see Deloitte Digital and see that we are equal parts experience, smarts, and creativity.

Deloitte Digital has transformed the traditional model of work by combining one-part agency and one-part consultancy, empowering companies to re-imagine how they connect and engage with their customers. By redefining the customer’s business transformation, companies can look forward to stronger brand loyalty, better customer relationships and a sales process so personal it feels effortless.

At Dreamforce, we bring together all of our creative and technology capabilities, business acumen and industry insight to help guide our clients’ on their next journey. With practitioners attending from more than 30 countries, Deloitte Digital is bringing an international point of view, deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience and Salesforce® know-how to the conference.

Stop by our booth or the Industry Zone in the Cloud Expo to learn more about how Deloitte Digital is helping our clients revolutionize industry. With specialized practices in sectors like Life Sciences and Health Care, Consumer and Industrial Products, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Communications and Media, we will be bringing our unique perspective and industry solutions to Dreamforce.

So find our booth on the show floor, connect with us on Twitter, check out our Dreamforce microsite (and check back for information on our sessions) and learn more about our sponsorship at the Salesforce Dreamforce site.  See you soon!

About the Author

Claudine M. Webster, Associate Director and Global Salesforce Alliance Marketing Leader, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLP

Claudine has almost 20 years of experience leading strategic marketing programs and was also a former high school cheerleader.  She is currently the Global Marketing Leader for the Salesforce Alliance at Deloitte, and is most excited about working with Member Firms around the globe to customize programs in their local markets. Claudine focuses on increasing Deloitte’s brand recognition and on creating programs to drive demand for joint go to market offerings with Salesforce.  She previously led the U.S. Alliance Marketing program and has also been responsible for marketing the firm’s reselling services, executing strategic events, managing charitable contributions and fostering alumni relations.

Claudine earned a Bachelor of Science from University of California, Berkeley and it was there that she honed her independent spirit and the importance of giving back.  She is passionate about family, wine, half marathons, the Warriors and her Yorkshire Terrier, Ruby Foo.  She is living the dream and in a perpetual state of learning French in Oakland, California.