Boost Productivity with the Salesforce App for Outlook

As part of our partnership with Microsoft, we’ve jointly developed more than 10 new and powerful integrations to make our customers more successful. Today, we're excited to announce that we’re bringing the power of Salesforce Lightning into Outlook with the Salesforce App for Outlook.

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform. Outlook is the leader in email. We have millions of shared customers clamoring for one thing: an easy, user-friendly integration. We listened to all the feedback, and created a completely new, cloud-based integration. It delivers not only a great user experience, but it's also packed with all the tools necessary for enhanced productivity and decision making.

The Salesforce App for Outlook is the next generation of our integration with Outlook. The app is 100% cloud based with all the benefits of the cloud: no installation and automatic upgrades.

Features to Drive Efficiency and Precision

When sales reps aren’t emailing prospects and clients through Outlook, they’re recording activity, reviewing opportunities, and updating contacts in Salesforce. Now they can achieve all these actions without jumping between programs.

Here are a few features that make this possible:

Visibility: View all contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases associated to the email addresses without switching between Salesforce and Outlook; your Salesforce data appears directly within Outlook.

Create: Easily create a new Salesforce contact or add emails to Salesforce records in one click.

Sync: Use the Exchange Sync (Beta) feature to sync contacts and calendar events from any exchange connected device with Salesforce.

Go Mobile

With the new SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud mobile app (Beta), you’ll always have the latest information to deliver the right messages at the right time. On every email, SalesforceIQ surfaces relevant Salesforce data so you can craft the perfect response. Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Making the Switch to the Salesforce App for Outlook

The Salesforce App for Outlook is available in the Office Store now. The app supports both the desktop and online Outlook 2013 and Office 365.

Try it out and see how your sales will grow when Salesforce and Microsoft work together.

Watch this video and visit for more information.

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