How Salesforce is Working to Improve the State of the World: FY17 Stakeholder Impact Report

At Salesforce, social impact is core to who we are as a company. As our CEO and Founder Marc Benioff says, “the business of business is to improve the state of the world.”  Earlier this week we released a research report which revealed today’s customers and employees want businesses to give back, drive equality, and create social change. Today we are publishing our FY17 Stakeholder Impact Report on our own company’s initiatives to create meaningful impact within our workplaces and the communities where we live and operate.

During my 17 years at Salesforce, I have watched us continuously raise the bar when it comes to being a force for social good — from creating the  1-1-1 model, to supporting nine employee resource groups, to addressing equal pay gaps by spending a total of $6 million to adjust salaries of over 26,000 employees, to achieving our net-zero carbon emissions goal, to standing against discriminatory anti-lgbtq legislation. When I look over all that we have accomplished, I feel proud and humbled to work for a company that puts values at the center of its business.

Even still, we have only just started on our path to a more equal and sustainable world. Achieving this will take time, continued commitment, and collaboration. I am thankful for our entire Ohana — customers, employees, partners and community — who are working together to build a better future for everyone.

Here are some of our key focus areas:

Giving Back

We believe in creating a movement of companies that integrate philanthropy into their company early on. In 2014, Salesforce co-founded Pledge 1%, a global movement to create a new normal where giving back is baked into the DNA of companies of all sizes from the beginning. Thousands of companies have joined, pledging 1% of their equity, time, product, or profit to give back to their communities. I encourage you to join the movement by visiting


When it comes to protecting our planet and combating climate change, we know that companies have a key role to play. We understand that making progress on climate change means measuring, taking responsibility for, and mitigating our own emissions. I am proud to announce, that — among our other efforts — as of early FY18, Salesforce achieved net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and now provides a clean cloud for our customers.


At Salesforce, we believe our higher purpose is to create a path towards equality for all. We have a commitment to doing this in four key areas — equal pay, equal opportunity, equal education, and equal rights. This is inexplicably connected to philanthropy and sustainability. For instance, environmental issues impact our world’s most vulnerable. At the same time, giving back through workforce development and education programs will help us to build and empower the diverse workforce of tomorrow.

Learn more about all of our programs and initiatives to drive positive change, download the full FY17 Stakeholder Impact Report.

Announcing the First-Ever Forbes Philanthropy Summit at Dreamforce

At Salesforce, giving back is part of everything we do—especially at Dreamforce!

At Dreamforce 2016, building on our 1-1-1 model of integrated philanthropy and our commitment to provide opportunities for all attendees to give back through #DFGives, Dreamforce will feature its very first summit dedicated to speakers making the world a better place. At the Forbes Philanthropy Summit at Dreamforce, attendees will hear from leaders and innovators in the areas of philanthropy, education, sustainability and global health.

Here’s a list of the amazing speakers that will take the stage on Wednesday at Dreamforce next week:

  • 8:30-9:20 am: Education luminaries Sir Ken Robinson,’s Hadi Partovi and University of Texas’ Marni Baker Stein will discuss how we can achieve a diverse, equitable, compassionate and skilled society with education reform, moderated by Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet. Register here

  • 9-10am: Christy Turlington Burns, global maternal health advocate and CEO and founder of Every Mother Counts, will discuss her work to make pregnancy and childbirth safe around the world, moderated by Forbes’ Kerry A. Dolan. Register here

  • 11-11:40am: Echoing Green’s Liza Mueller, Classy’s Scot Chisholm and BlocPower’s Donnel Baird will discuss how the lines between nonprofit and for-profit are blurring, and how all types of companies can be mission driven, moderated by Forbes’ Kerry A. Dolan. Register here

  • 11am-noon: A panel of incredible CEOs—Jeff Lawson of Twilio, Scott Farquhar of Atlassian and Amanda Kahlow of 6sense—will discuss why they’ve made the community a core stakeholder in their business by joining Pledge 1%, moderated by Forbes’ Miguel Helft. Register here

  • 11:30am-12:30pm: In partnership with (RED), we will hear from Leader Nancy Pelosi, The Global Fund’s Dr. Mark Dybul, US Global AIDS Coordinator Dr. Deborah L. Birx and the SF AIDS Foundation’s James Loduca on leadership and boldness in the time of AIDS. Register here

  • 4-5pm: We’ll also discuss the legacy of ending AIDS for good, with (RED) CEO Deb Dugan, The Global Fund’s Dr. Mark Dybul, (RED) ambassador Connie Mudenda and Every Mother Counts CEO and founder Christy Turlington Burns. Register here

  • 4:30-5:30pm: Our oceans will take center stage, with Benioff Ocean Initiative’s Dr. Douglas McCauley, WEF’s Nishan Degnarian, The Ocean Cleanup’s Nishan Degnarain and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Julie Packard discussing the future of our oceans with Forbes’ Miguel Helft. Register here

Of course, we’ll also hear from one of the world’s greatest philanthropists and Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, who will take the stage at 5 p.m. on Wednesday for a fireside chat with NY Times Best Selling Author and Co-Host of ABC's Good Morning America, Robin Roberts.

Our goal is that every attendee leaves Dreamforce inspired and empowered to better their jobs, better their lives and better the world. We can’t wait to introduce our attendees to the Forbes Philanthropy Summit at Dreamforce!

(RED) Moments at Dreamforce

Amazing things happen when we open our hearts and work together to help others. Last year, Dreamforce attendees donated more than one million books to schools and libraries around the world for children in need.

This year, we’re taking it even further. We’re joining forces with U2’s Bono and his organization (RED) to help raise funds for and awareness of the ongoing fight against AIDS.  

Our goal is to raise one million dollars for the organization in support of an AIDS-free generation. At Dreamforce, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help us do it. We have some truly inspiring speakers, must-have (RED) merchandise, photo ops, and hands-on volunteer activities planned throughout the week to help you get involved. And - of course - there’s U2!

Our partnership with (RED) began on the 2015 U2 Innocence and Experience Tour. That partnership grew and expanded as we started asking ourselves, “What if we did more? How do we use the 1-1-1 model to make this more impactful?” And so the Salesforce/(RED) partnership became more than just fundraising at concerts- it became an entire Salesforce experience of product, volunteer hours, and donation.

(RED) Technology Story

Marc’s keynote will highlight the amazing work (RED) has done over 10 years, as well as our revolutionary partnership with them. Deb Dugan, CEO of (RED), will share how they transform corporate partnerships and technology into innovation in the fight against AIDs.  

Part of the keynote will focus on the extraordinary (RED) technology story. Using Salesforce technology, and powe(RED) by Salesforce Pro Bono hours, this small team has scaled into an innovative cloud-based organization that puts data to work for them. Over the last year, Salesforce experts have volunteered more than 900 hours of pro bono skills and technical know-how to get (RED) up and running on Salesforce Analytics, NonProfit Starter Pack,, Pardot, and Communities for maximum impact. Join Deb Dugan in Marc’s keynote to see this magic at work. Prepare to be inspi(RED)!

(RED) on Dreampark

Dreampark is the go-to place for all things volunteering at Dreamforce and is also the home of the (RED) Experience. It’s your one-stop-shop for engaging information on (RED)’s mission, hot Salesforce + (RED) partner products and lots of fun and surprises! Be sure to swing by during the week to learn more about their work in the fight for an AIDS free generation.

(RED) Around Campus

(RED) will be everywhere at Dreamforce from the Keynote to Dreampark and everywhere in between.

There will be (RED) panels throughout the week. From the Fireside Chat with Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Gates Foundation (a main (RED) partner), to a panel on the Legacy of Ending AIDS for Good featuring (RED) CEO, Deb Dugan, Executive Director of the Global Fund, Mark Dybul and (RED) Ambassador, Constance Mudenda and a session about Leadership and Boldness in the time of AIDS with Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, you have many opportunities to learn about the fight against AIDS.

You can also swing by the Lodge in the Westin St. Francis Hotel, the epicenter of our nonprofit track, to learn more specifically about how organizations are using innovative technology, including Salesforce, in their work to support both those living with AIDS and those working to prevent further transmissions.

Finally, you may spot some volunteers in red t-shirts as you cruise through campus. These employee volunteers are there to answer all your (RED) questions including how you can contribute to our $1M goal. The Gates Foundation is matching all donations to (RED) in 2016, so your dollar will stretch even further.

If you’re interested in volunteering your Salesforce skills for an amazing nonprofit, have a look at Pro Bono Page for more information