Attending, Sponsoring, or Speaking at Dreamforce? There’s a Dreamforce Badge for You

Only 40 days until Dreamforce. There’s nothing like it — and if this is your first year attending, you’ll understand soon.

Whether you’re attending, sponsoring, or speaking at Dreamforce, we’ve made it easy for you to share your enthusiasm with friends, colleagues, and social networks.

Check out these three digital Dreamforce badges (all new for 2015!) and choose the one that reflects your #DF15 experience. Simply save it to your computer and share away.



Here are a few easy ways you can use your new digital badge:

  • In a tweet. Share it with the #DF15 hashtag, along with what you’re most excited for during Dreamforce this year.
  • In a LinkedIn post. Write a quick LinkedIn post recapping what you’re hoping to learn at Dreamforce in 2015 and what you’ve learned in years past. Include your badge in the post.
  • To promote your session or booth. If you’re speaking at or sponsoring Dreamforce, use this badge as a visual reminder of your involvement with Dreamforce, and include it whenever you promote your Dreamforce presence.
  • In a blog post. In a company or personal blog post, attach this badge to the bottom of new blog posts between now and Dreamforce.
  • As a blog sidebar. Many blogs have sidebars on the side that promote different pages within the blog or outside resources. Use this space to include your new Dreamforce button.
  • In your email signature. Shrink the graphic slightly and spread the word between colleagues and clients — Dreamforce is coming!

If you include it on a web property or email signature, don’t forget to link the image to

Still not sure if you’re attending Dreamforce? Check out these 10 Reasons to Attend Dreamforce for the First Time.

Sign up TODAY for your FREE Expo+ pass and see what the excitement is all about.

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