Advertising Insights: Ad Viewability, Creative Strategy, Effective Tweet Content

If an advertisement is triggered to show on a website, but the visitor never sees it on screen, was it really there? This week’s insights are about ad viewability, creative strategy, and writing effective Tweets. 

This chart from eMarketer shows how ad buyers and sellers have different display viewability standards. Viewability is important for your programmatic ad spending because you want your ad to actually be seen by an audience. If the ad sits at the bottom of a website a user visits but never scrolls all the way down to see, it’s not a real impression. Native advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide 100% viewability, because you only pay when the social ad is viewed on screen.  


Facebook IQ helped an advertiser measure the effectiveness of different strategies for sequencing video and photo creative in a Facebook campaign. Facebook found that you should use a different strategy for the creative used in your campaigns based on the objective of your campaign. Are you trying to drive traffic to your website, or do you care more about conversions once users reach your website? Once you determine your objective, you should test your creative order and optimize spend towards the best strategy for that objective. This study found that a video creative followed by a photo creative was most effective for conversions, but a photo ad followed by another photo ad drove the most traffic to the website.


This infographic by LeadSift is a guide how to get consumers on Twitter to engage with your content. Details about your Tweets, like where to put the call-to-action or to use emoticons or not, are important factors that affect performance. For example, using punctuation like ! or ? increases engagement of a Tweet by 27%. There is more engagement when there is a hashtag, punctuation, and when you use strong call-to-actions like “click” instead of “find.” clients see that content details make a similarly large difference in performance of paid tweets. You should test out various Tweet text and then optimize to the content and language that proves effective.


For more information about the 100% viewable ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, see the Salesforce Advertising Benchmark report.

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