David Henderson spent more than a decade honing his skills as a sales manager leading multiple teams in a variety of product lines to outstanding performance. David achieved success by having the ability to break complex processes down into simple actionable concepts then working hard at implementation. It is his belief that objective data gained by measuring every step in the process provides a clear picture allowing for more efficient, targeted training and business development.

My first venture outside corporate America was purchasing an auto repair business. I believed that my experience in marketing and building client relations would give me the foundation to turn around a struggling business. I’m proud to say that our location in Tustin is now one of the largest independent auto repair shops in Orange County.

I also work with clients to achieve their investment and business development goals. My time in the real estate industry has given me a breadth of knowledge that my clients can leverage to earn better returns and navigate the complex real estate markets. Our property management firm helps real estate investors locate, acquire and maintain top-notch properties they can earn an exceptional return on and at the appropriate time divest their holdings to best manage the risk vs return curve.

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