6 AppExchange Apps That Make Hitting Sales Goals Not So Scary

Haunted by hard-to-hit sales goals? Never fear, the AppExchange has your back with more than 1,100 sales apps that deliver just the right tricks and treats to keep your sales reps motivated and help them hit their quotas faster with automated processes. Check out this month’s app picks that will make your sales team’s lives so easy, it’s scary!

1. Simplify lead assignment.

Distribution Engine makes assigning leads easier with a round-robin system rich in features to distribute leads fairly and intelligently.

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2. Motivate the team to sell more.

Hoopla helps you score more wins by broadcasting key metrics, leaderboards, important milestones, and news to employees — no matter where they’re located.

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3. Propose the right products to the right customers. Every time.

Streamline the Quote-to-Cash process. Apttus CPQ takes the guesswork out of creating proposals, helping you increase deal size and close rates.

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4. Find and convert more leads and prospects.

Optimize every stage of the sales cycle, from prospecting to conversion, with Velocify Pulse. More than just a dialer, Velocify Pulse is a full-featured sales acceleration platform.

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5. Don’t waste selling time on admin tasks.

Conga Composer helps you create custom proposals, quotes, and contracts in one click — right from Salesforce — so you can get back to closing deals.

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6. Close deals from anywhere in minutes.

Never wait around to get a signature again. With DocuSign, you can sign, send, and manage contracts from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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