5 Essential Ingredients For Your HR Transformation: A New Salesforce E-Book

Platform-HR-Launch-Post-03The world has changed. Things are moving faster and people are more connected than ever before. Driving much of this innovation are the cloud, mobile, and social applications that consume our personal lives. A significant byproduct of this change is a new emerging workforce — one that expects to use the same technology they enjoy in their personal lives during their workday. 

HR and business leaders already know their future depends on being able to adapt to the latest generation of workers. Still, questions remain. Why is this transformation taking so long? What’s holding HR leaders back from modernizing their systems? While upgrades can go a long way when it comes to remaking HR, there’s much more to be done.

What the E-Book Is About

A New HR Recipe: 5 Essential Ingredients For Your Human Resources Transformation, will take you beyond core systems of record and show how to successfully transform your HR department to deliver employee engagement. It will also help any business leader think about how to accelerate the HR transformation and meet their goals for appealing to the modern workforce.


The Structure of the E-Book

Chapter 1: Take Stock of What Needs Fixed

Because the pressure is on for HR to evolve to meet modern demands, the department needs to take a hard look at the processes and capabilities it should now support. Systems that are stuck in the past will only result in less productive and unhappy employees.

Chapter 2: Make Your Shopping List

The challenge for HR of today often comes in knowing which solutions need to be adopted and then executing these changes fast enough on the IT side. In this chapter, Marc Solow, the HR Shared Services Practices Leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP, shares the recent trends he’s observed in how companies are approaching their HR transformations.

Chapter 3: Cook Up a Strategy

Today’s new employee landscape means companies are in a constant battle for talent. Creating a key set of HR apps, that manage everything from compensation, to internal careers, can be a huge advantage for companies looking to modernize and transform how they both hire and manage the employee experience. 

Chapter 4: Serve What Employees Want

With HR departments everywhere inspired to be innovative when it comes to the tools they give staff, the challenge for IT now is to find a way to get this done. The big payoff is happier, more connected, and more productive employees. This chapter features four keys to building the apps your employees want.

Chapter 5: Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor

The companies that not only recognize that employee expectations have changed, but also adapt to meet these demands, are seeing a more engaged and productive staff, plus numerous other benefits. According to Gallup, the 30 million engaged employees in the U.S. can be credited with most of the innovative ideas out there and most of a company’s new customers.

Get the E-Book

You can now download A New HR Recipe: 5 Essential Ingredients For Your Human Resources Transformation at no cost. Check out the complete e-book for a deep dive into each step for successfully revolutionizing employee engagement and supercharging the HR transformation at your company.


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