4 Customer Service Apps to Keep Customers Happy

Sensational customer service is the backbone of the post-sale process. It encourages loyalty and retention, repeat business and positive brand awareness. Customer services apps in the Salesforce AppExchange help customer service agents increase productivity, manage service flow, and deliver data-driven insights into how to keep customers satisfied — and coming back. Here’s a look at four of those apps.

1. SurveyMonkey

Knowing your audience is key to building and retaining customer relationships as well as winning new clients. SurveyMonkey is an online survey platform, customized for professionals, that lets you collect customer feedback and demographic data to plug into your Salesforce customer records. You can analyze the data against customer profiles to track customer satisfaction, create custom dashboards and reporting, communicate feedback across teams, and more. Set triggers to auto-send surveys based on events, and use the Salesforce1 and SurveyMonkey apps to monitor and respond to feedback in real time.

2. ServiceMax

When your service technicians or engineers are sent on-site, it is a high-value opportunity to influence the customer experience. Having the right technology and expertise is critical to deliver flawless field service. ServiceMax is the platform for field service. It is a fully native Salesforce1 solution that fits your entire field service process (from work orders to reporting), talks with connected products, and empowers your service organization with field-ready mobile apps. With committed expertise in field service, ServiceMax helps customers drive service revenue growth of 22% or better.

3. ShiftExpert

Streamlining service operations is made easier with ShiftExpert, which helps employers and employees track shifts, vacation time and overtime. ShiftExpert plugs into Salesforce to display shift data in the Salesforce Calendar, giving managers an overview of who works when, as well as the power to minimize overtime and maximize employee productivity by ensuring work is evenly distributed. Through the mobile app and Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch app, employees can receive notifications of shifts times and when to take a break, as well as clock in and clock out.

4. Five9

This cloud-based call center software can categorize call interactions based on sentiment as detected by Five9's Connect Natural Language Processing feature, allowing agents to quickly determine the best action for every call. Incoming calls are automatically distributed between available agents, with real-time recording and quality monitoring. It integrates with the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to offer click-to-dial features and syncing of customer lists and call action data, improving productivity and engagement for both service and sales teams.

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