3 Reasons Why a Customer Community is a Win-Win

Your customers are expecting more from the service that your business provides — they want to be able to help themselves — and each other—with a next-generation, low effort self-service experience. More than ever before your customers are searching online to answer their question or inquiry before picking up the phone or sending an email. If they aren’t able to find their question online, they’re already frustrated — even before contacting a support agent.

The solution is a customer community — a space for your customers to connect with each other and find answers to their questions through FAQ, knowledge base articles, and by posting a question directly into the community.

Your customers move fast, so they want answers fast. Here are three reasons why a community is a win-win for your customers and your business, as demonstrated by Australian online payment company eWAY.

1. Boost Agent Productivity

Prior to establishing a community, all of eWAY’s customers were calling or emailing the support desk with their questions and concerns. eWAY needed a solution for customers to help themselves with simpler questions, leaving their agents free to tackle the more complex cases. With Community Cloud, you can also completely customize your community by including third-party and custom apps so the community fits in seamlessly with your agents’ workflow.

2. Simplify your customer service

Many companies might have self-service solutions, but these communities are disconnected from the rest of the company’s case management or CRM systems. If a customer is unable to find the answers he or she needs within the community, there’s no easy way for support teams to engage with this customer. Additionally, if the community isn’t connected to the rest of your business’s customer service properties, you’re missing out on the valuable data that comes from peer-to-peer support and collaboration within the community.

Now eWAY has a single view of their customers across all of their systems — by connecting all of your customer data in a single experience, you can reimagine what customer service can look like for your users.

3. Increase customer satisfaction

eWAY’s customers can now find answers to their questions on their own, quickly and easily. In addition to community discussions, customers can access a robust self-service content library with over 360 knowledge base articles. Thanks to their customer community, eWAY is always up-to-date on the frequent questions and concerns their customers are facing and the eWAY support team can create and deliver content that addresses those needs. Since establishing the community, eWAY has cut average response times from 65 minutes to 16 minutes. The result? Happier customers.

Want to learn more about how eWAY was able to build their community from scratch with easy-to-use Community Cloud templates? Download the free Salesforce e-book: Why I Built a Community: eWAY

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