3-Person Support Staff. 80 Locations. End-to-End CRM. How Do They Do It?

The old saying is that “success breeds success.” At Salesforce we see that every day. Collaboration, communities, ecosystems. Best practices, recommendations, shared experiences. It’s all part of the Salesforce model. And we want to make sure you get the benefit of the lessons learned – with the free e-book 6 Secrets of Successful Salesforce Customers.

Take Williams Scotsman, for example – an industry leader in commercial modular construction. The company relies on Salesforce end-to-end, from lead management to order fulfillment. And their IT staff manages the entire implementation, across 80 locations, with a three-person in-house team.

How do they do it?

Williams Scotsman’s advice is to leverage Salesforce’s extensive experience and resources. “Leverage…adoption programs and resources to accelerate your users’ Salesforce adoption. Success Managers also provide personalized recommendations and best practices to ensure your success.”

Williams Scotsman relies on the Salesforce Premier+ Success Plan for access to those programs and resources.

How well do they do it?

"The online training available with Premier+ Success brings our sales and service agents up to speed on Salesforce much faster," says Karen Reffitt, Director of CRM for Williams Scotsman. "With the online training in Premier+ Success, we've achieved 95% user adoption."

They use the plan’s administration services to optimize their cloud solution with custom objects, across all 80 branches to ensure they address the company’s unique requirements.

And they rely on the Salesforce support team to reduce their workload. “Salesforce typically responds to support questions within an hour, further reducing the load on the in-house IT team and increasing customer satisfaction and sales productivity.”

Williams Scotsman leverages the resources, experiences and learning content of the Salesforce team to make their three-person team a success. You can learn from their experience and those of others.

To find more tips from our customers, download the free e-book 6 Secrets of Successful Salesforce Customers today.

To learn more about how you can benefit from Premier Success plans, register for our upcoming webinar “Explore the Possibilities of Salesforce with Premier Success.”

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